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Daily Create’s!

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Design week + DC’s, who doesn’t love that combo? Design week is almost as good as visual, not as good but close enough. So I tried to incorporate it into my DC’s but I also wanted to have some fun with them.

comfy cozy

I started off with the picture of cousin’s dog, Chico. As many pictures I have of him, most would think he is my dog but unfortunately, he’s not. However, he is all bundled up in these blankets like there’s tomorrow and as if he has no worries in the world. He is as adorable as ever. I also submitted one in the form of a response, which was all about cupcakes (because if you know me well enough, it’s really no surprise that I would sneak that into there), and pastries, yum.  Oh, did i mention that is my DC? nothing is more exciting than seeing people do your DC so thanks for responding!

opposite of what it means

If any of you have ever been to the river by UMW, you’ll see this sign, which is obviously telling you that, ‘hey, there are a ton of rocks there, be really careful!’. Therefore, what better way to misrepresent this image than to write ‘swim carelessly’? Obviously there was no better way. Follow that, I made a DS106 bumper. I LOVE car bumpers so I couldn’t resist making one for this class. Also, the radio show bumper has also inspired me in a variety of ways. See my bumper below to get a giggle!


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