1. mbutlerr

    Finally Final


    This is the officially last blog post for ds106, at least grade-wise. HMM, lets take a moment and a round of applause for all that Spring 2013 has completed this semester…done? Great, me too! Well I made it! This is it…this is my final summary post. Wooo! It feels good, …

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    Tangled (the not so damsel in distress version)


    Story Introduction: Once upon a time/ Not too long ago,

    Lived a baby princess cute as a bow/ she was the heir who knew nothing but love/ who wouldn’t hurt a dove/ she had caring parents and flynn the best friend/the one who would care until they very end/  but …

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    FINALE (part 2 of 2!)


    For the final part of my final project I did a design assignment (4 stars; I know, shocker, I did something other than video!). To hand in hand with the finale part 1, I created a PSA Billboard to further announce the princess’s return home! I found the picture on…

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    FINALE (part 1 of 2!)


    To wrap up this wonderful final project, I used the Public Service Announcement (5 stars=ahh! i’m sorry, i just lovveee video!) to show people what Rapunzel decided, which was her family. See my final story post to see what happened with Mother Gothel but I used a PSA video to …

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    Climax to the maximum


    For the ultimate climax of the entire story, I decided to make my own Video Assignment because i felt like none of them really covered the idea i had in my mind, and as always, we’re encouraged to make some new assignments. The assignment I submitted (3 stars!) was to …

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    Back to the basics! (part 1)


    For the first part of my final project, I wanted to tell a story but try to be creative with it. I also decided to do two birds with one stone and use some audio in this assignment. This was a recent change because I had plans to do a …

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    The end is…

    THE END IS..finally here!

    IT’S THE END; how bittersweet. Incredibly awkward, confusing, and inspiring is exactly how I would chose to explain this class. Frustrating at times, yes, without a doubt, however in the same way it was amazing it was also very rewarding. I know it sounds like I’m …

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    Week 13&14: The end of the line


    But the fun is not over just yet. Of course we couldn’t just leave the final weeks of DS106 without some memories of mashingup and remixing some crazy things. Generally, I pour out my emotions at the end of my summary posts but since DS106 …

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    Alas, those pesky stars!


    It’s the last time we will ever do stars, fellow DS106ers. How bittersweet. For my two mashup assignments, I decided to have as much fun as possible with them BUT to also make sure I really get my points across while making some sort of impression on DS106 as a …

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    …nothing can my true enthusiasm for being done with this assignment which involved Sending Alan on a Trip.  Sorry Alan, but this was probably the most frustrating part of DS106, for the following reasons.

    There was no way to shorten durations of clips. While you could make it…
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    Movie Trailer funfunFUN


    This assignment involves picking two movies, and changing their meaning around by switching up the audio with the a totally different video for whatever reason. Here’s what I decided to do:

    I went through different Youtube trailers to find just the right two videos. I settled on Insidious and The
  12. mbutlerr

    How To:


    This is my how to guide! On today’s listing for how to’s, we’re gonna learn how to do the Actor Transformation assignment!

    Find someone you want to do your assignment on. The example showed Lizzie McGuire. For today’s intents and purposes, I’m going to use Dakota Fanning! Use Youtube like…
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    Assignment Wizard


    Apart of this week’s work was to also finish out our contributions to the class and really make our marks! An essential way that we had to do this was through creating assignments for future classes, which was way more exciting than I thought it would be! Actually, my first …

  14. mbutlerr

    Pretty within the Webby Work


    Remix wouldn’t be quite remix unless we had to do some craaazy stuff involving the assignment bank and that pretty little remix button that has been sitting there all semester. One of our assignments this week was to press and press that button until we found an assignment that we …

  15. mbutlerr

    No One Ignores Paul


    Apart of this week’s work was to make use of the recycled media that we submitted in week 9 named Recycle the Media! It seemed pretty cut and dry: take some old media, mash it up..However, if anything was that simple in DS106, then it wouldn’t be that much …

  16. mbutlerr

    Remix vs. Mash Up vs…Recut?

    What it do? Remixin’!

    Mash up, mix up, remix, re-doin it all up. That’s what these past two weeks have been all about! These weeks have been quite the whirlwind, but like every week, they brought something new and fun to learn! In order to get my toes wet, I …

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    A proposal for how my final should be proposed. Does that make sense? Well hopefully it will by the end of this post!

    Step 1: After lots of searching, and going through my favorite movies, ranging anywhere from Rango to Moulin Rouge until I settled on the ever beautiful Disney …

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    Summin’ It up: Week 11 & 12


    Ahh! This week was such a whirlwind! let me just start by saying that at first, i was definitely hesitant about this week…BUUUUT after discovering keepvid and iMovie, it was almost as if all of this was too easy! I got off to late start due to some issues at …

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    In the jungle, the mighty jungle..


    …the lion sleeps tonight! Well, except in this case! As apart of video week, we had to take our classmates Charlie Chaplin Foley sounds (see here for previous work!) and put it into the video. This is what the past couple of weeks was working to get us to work …

  20. mbutlerr

    Getting Grandma up to date


    For this assignment, it required to make a tutorial for Mom, or someone who just isn’t familiar with a piece of technology. About three years ago, my grandma started her own company and usually has my mom do all of her paper while she manages. However, in the past year, …

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    Way back when


    One of the assignments I picked was Where are they now? Just ’cause I couldn’t resist picking one of my favorite casts and totally morphing them by picking their futures! For this, I used iMovie and Google images to my fullll advantage! I picked one of my favorite movies, How

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    My life in a nutshell


    For this assignment, my mom was actually the one to suggest ideas. The idea was to basically pick a topic, any topic, and make a 30 second documentary from it. My mom suggests that I pick something I am terrible at, and make a video from it. I really …

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    This assignment allowed creativity to take over and for the fun to flow! The goal of this assignment was to pick an issue of whatever (silly, serious, etc.) and make a public service announcement. I decided to have fun with these assignments to let go and let fun do allll …

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    Who are you? I am me!


    I really enjoyed this assignment just because it involved doing a recording and over the course of DS106, I have gotten extremely comfortable infront of the camera! This assignment is called I am me, and you’re suppose to make a video that represents you to your fellow DS106′ers through whatever …

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