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Back to the basics! (part 1)

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For the first part of my final project, I wanted to tell a story but try to be creative with it. I also decided to do two birds with one stone and use some audio in this assignment. This was a recent change because I had plans to do a Five-Sound Story but it didn’t work out how I wanted it to. So I opted for the Poetry Reading assignment instead. I decided that rather than picking a poem, I wrote my own to introduce the beginning of my story! This way, I fulfill the assignment requirement of tying it to story. Also, it seemed cute! Although i’m no Dr. Seuss (in any shape, way or form) I still tried my absolute best in this. My storyline went something like this:

Rapunzel’s story begins at a young age, while the King and Queen are out for a carriage ride with the toddlers Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder. On this unfortunate day though, the royal caravan is ambushed, with the princess getting lost in the process. Mother Gothel finds the child in the forest on her daily walk of evil and decides to care for the child, realizing what her hair can do, giving her further incentive to care for the princess.As Rapunzel grows older, she decides to one day venture out on her own. However, her first experience was a traumatic one as she almost dies from a wolf attack. Mother Gothel shows Rapunzel the good her hair and do, and together they use her hair to their advantage; healing those that travel near and far in return for a hefty price.

That’s what I had in my original proposal. Here are the edits: Mother Gothel actually gives the flower to Rapunzel out of care, and out of compassion. At the end, I also added a little bit of foreshadowing (okay, it was way more blunt but still!) This is all I reveal in the first part of this assignment because I couldn’t give it all away with one assignment! This assignment was two stars, even though I added my own spin on it. I recorded myself reading the poem off on the ever-loving Audacity and then added a I See the Light as a background track to it. Below are my recordings as well as the poem itself to go along with. DISCLAIMER: I am no Dr. Seuss, I admit but there was effort going into that poem so be gentle in your criticism.  Yes, I know the rhyme scheme is terrible but it was the best I could do;rhyming is much harder than it looks.




Once upon a time,

Not too long ago,

Lived a baby princess cute as a bow,

she was the heir who knew nothing but love,

who wouldn’t hurt a dove,

she had caring parents and flynn the best friend

the one who would care until they very end,

but that came to an end all too soon,

what appeared to be a very happy afternoon

happened to be a day they would never forget

as the carriage flipped the biggest regret

was how the baby princess got lost the day

although they looked and looked, somehow she got away,

but little they did know she was just fine,

for mother gothel saved her just in time

with a flower, the baby was okay,

but since her hair became magical, she was there to stay

years and years went by,

the king and queen would still cry,

for they thought the princess was dead,

but she was okay, every hair on her head,

she never left tower in fear,

because it was very clear

that the tower would protect from the danger

that would come with any stranger

but one day she decided to her hair

which was very rare

to help her and mother gothel make some money

but isnt funny

how one day, flynn ryder saw her sign

and a chill went down his spine,

as he traveled far and wide,

to see his future bride

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