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Alas, those pesky stars!

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It’s the last time we will ever do stars, fellow DS106ers. How bittersweet. For my two mashup assignments, I decided to have as much fun as possible with them BUT to also make sure I really get my points across while making some sort of impression on DS106 as a whole.

 Mashup #1(four star’s!):

For my first mash-up this week, I decided to do a Movie Trailer Mashup, which is where you take two movies (either their trailers, or scenes from them) and you switch’em up. By switching I mean, I used the movie Insidious and The Ring. I decided to go with the trailer from The Ring but use the audio from Insidious. I was worried at first because I was afraid that the voices would be heard with the lack of mouths moving. However, when I looked at other examples, I found comfort in that no one actually cared too much about that. It was more about how well you could get them to fit (or not fit..!). There was a small portion of editing but overall, it was easy and quick! I used Keepvid to download both of the videos, then iMovie to do anything editing that i needed. For my details, check out my tutorial here! Otherwise, I used the two following trailers:

And i put them together to form my own:


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