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Way back when

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One of the assignments I picked was Where are they now? Just ’cause I couldn’t resist picking one of my favorite casts and totally morphing them by picking their futures! For this, I used iMovie and Google images to my fullll advantage! I picked one of my favorite movies, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days but definitely got silly with it. I use the billboard theme to make it fun and the song Good Riddance to make it somewhat nostalgic. Basically, Andie (Kate Hudson) dumped Ben (Matthew McConaughey), and although she is still reallly hot, while getting her dream job, he lost a bunch of weight and became obsessive. He’s been arrested 4 times for stalking her, funny how he turned into the obsessive one! Jeannie (Annie Parisse) became a total fashion mogul, and now travels all over the world but she still keeps in really good touch with Andie, her BFF. Tony (Adam Goldberg) ended up owning the company that he, Ben and Thayer worked for, as well as coming out of the closet! His boyfriend’s name is Rodolfo; they own two houses and a poodle named Elenore. Michele (Kathryn Hanh) remains funny as ever! Except now she shares her humor with her husband, who never takes her for granted like the douches in the movie. Finally, Thayer!…Quit his job because it wasn’t the same to him with Benjamin and he became a rent-a-cop, mostly to help Ben stalk Andie but keep his cover about it.

then and now!

*Digging through!

I also tried some new transitions in this video, such as the theme and even the text boxes where something new. I decided that some were definitely easier than others. I think of all of the assignments I did, this one was the most happy go lucky that didn’t have too much thought and definitely a way to just get around and understanding iMovie some more.

This assignment was made possible by iMovie, which I used to add in all the pictures and create the entire show. This was a nice 2 ?’s!

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