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Let’s Go on a Safari!!!!

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Design Safari, a set on Flickr.

During this week I found myself going on a safari for different designs throughout my apartment. I thought about it for a while and different aspects of design and was surprised at what I found. I knew that I wanted to include the picture of names on the wall that is in my apartment because it is a really great way to use space, so I thought that this contributed to the idea of balance. Even though it’s not all perfectly balanced, I believe that it is not only a great sense of space but it also balanced. One name does not seem to dominate the other name, even with some people having more letters than the rest.

The Toy Story 3 poster (which is 8 feet tall by the way) is definitely an example of a few things, but I believe that this is a good idea of dominance. Even though there are so many different things going on, the first thing you look at and notice is the 3. Then you start to observe all of the different characters around it. However, there is no question about it, this poster is dominated by the big yellow three. It takes the rest of the poster for the audience to know that this is advertising Toy Story 3. Plus, the size of the poster alone is enough to dominate my whole entire wall, because may I repeat it is 8 feet tall.

An example of typography is the beautiful display of “make believe.” This picture, which is hanging in my apartment, just instantly captures people’s attention and I think that is due to the way that the picture and the font go so well. The typography of the picture leaves a child-like aspect which helps the audience believe in the poster, which I think is just excellent. I think that this is completely effective to add on the idea of the poster.

Finally, the use of color is seen in the map that we have in our apartment. There are certain states that are standing out because they are a darker blue, while other states are light blue, but majority of them are white. So I was completely confused looking at this map because of the color, so it is not an effective use of color. If there was a legend for the coloring of the map, then the map would be a lot more effective. Instead all I know is that the map is called a cosmopolitan map. However, when researching it online I couldn’t find anything that helped to explain why those states were the way they were. So in this case, I believe the coloring could be much more effective with a key of some sort. However, it certainly is making the audience think!


Thanks for reading!

Princess Karissa

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