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TDC’s, yo.

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This week’s daily creates were fun for me. I’m awful at art, but I like to try sometimes, so this week gave me an opportunity to do that. I wrote a poem about an underappreciated object, I drew a bumper sticker for DS106, and I captioned a picture to make it say something that was opposite of what the photo actually said.

For the bumper sticker, I tried to picture other bumper stickers I’d seen before but for some reason my mind went totally blank. This is what I ended up with though:
bumper sticker

While I was making it, I made the mistake of drawing the border of it last.  The result of that was having a bumper sticker that had unbalance white space on the top and the bottom.  Next time I’ll re-think the order in which I draw this stuff…

On to the next one!

There's a storm outside threatening to blow away
everything in my home. 
Strong and sturdy, you keep it all safe.
You keep it all in.

My life is all out there. 
My friends
my family
my work.
But it all starts with you.
Each day starts and each night ends with you.

Please consider this a thank you.
Thank you, guardian.
Thank you, opportunity.
Thank you, door.
Thank you.

I thought I wasn’t supposed to give away the object all, so unlike most other people’s poems, my title doesn’t indicate what the ode is to.  See if you can guess!

And finally, my third TDC for the week was a picture whose caption contradicted the image itself.



Of course, I chose something dealing with the environment.  I originally wanted one that showed the state of the planet, but it was hard to find an image rather than a graph or chart of some sort.   The picture is of oil drills though, which supply cars and countless other products in our society with fuel, which then contribute to the mountainous amount of carbon dioxide being released into the air.

Happy breathing!


Anywho, those were the only TDC’s I got to this week.

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