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So this week was SO MUCH FUN! We continued on our path of design and even got to play around with some radio stuff too! I am really trying to make this week’s summary more brief then previous weeks, because from the feedback I have been getting I don’t really need to repeat all of the assignments and the explanation behind them just a brief reflection on them and the week in general. With this in mind I move on to my more abbreviated weekly summary, week 6 edition.

First we started our week off with a design safari which I found to be so much fun! It was a great reminder to constantly be on the look out for new/interesting designs (and maybe some less interesting ones) and since I wanted to work with the theme of color this week I really had fun! I started the whole thing by looking at our shared google assignment doc and watching the youtube video posted under the subcategory “color”. I then decided this was the theme I wanted to work with the most. I visited a museum this week and I think I was able to draw a lot of inspiration for my design safari from there, only when I look back on the photo’s I took I tried to really play around with the color so as to draw more attention away from the pieces and more towards the colors. I though this would be interesting as far as digital storytelling goes because I really felt that I was able to incorporate new 21st century design ideas into classic, modern and timeless art design features. I think all the photo’s I played around with in my Designblitz lent themselves to some sort of interesting story as brief and visual as they may be.

Next I moved onto my design assignments. I must say this was a little challenging in that I really had to start warming up to GIMP. Almost all of my assignments involved manipulating photos inorder for them to either tell an interesting story or take a different perspective. I want to say that the most rewarding for me was the WWII poster redone, because it was the first of all the design assignments that I started and I think it really gave me a steady footing. From there I was able to gracefully move into my other assignments and I think that they all turned out pretty well. I really like how they all sort of take on completely different angles of design, but they all can relate back to storytelling through different sometimes more modern modes.

When it came to my daily creates I went with two visual challenges and one writing one. I kept up my theme of color but combined it with another key aspect:timing.I think by saturating the color in my “Krispy Kreme” adventure I was able to really make the photo seem like a memory rather than “just a picture” for one of my visual creates I really had to be at the right place at the right time to get them to deliver the right story!

And finally we also worked on our radio show this week! Our team “Digital Dynamite”. Our group has decided that twitter

canvas and google hangouts are the best ways to communicate so we have been using these as our major modes. As far as logos go we have a few ideas floating around but all of theme are involving some sort of dynamite stick in them, which I think is perfect! When it comes to themes we asa group have been very creative and I think that we are all looking to bring some part of ourselves to the table! We have all agreed that a doppleganger format will be the best and I think this is a great choice on all of our parts in that we will really be reflecting an actual radioshow. All of our detailed weekly summary can be found on my groupmate “The Girl”‘s blog

So I truck on into next week. I think this week was really vital in helping me get accustomed with a more in depth look at visual storytelling. I think the paying around with colors really helped me to be able to tell and emphasize different stories going down the road too! Oh, and the whole radio show? SO PUMPED! I think I have joined a really great group, there have been really open lines of communication and everyone’s brining really interesting perspectives to the table!

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