1. DS106 ChaChaChelsea Style

    Twinkie Gets a Job


    So as many of you know I, Twinkie (formerly Twinkie the kid), recently lost my job with the shut down of my sole employer Hostess. Yes, due to a worker strike the company had to shut its doors after 40+ years of service! Needless to say it was pretty devistating, …

  2. DS106 ChaChaChelsea Style

    Final Project Idea


    In this last assignment we are asked to think of a ficticious character and build a story around a narrative arc. We are then asked to take this narrative and create a media landscape around it!

    Step 1.
    When thinking of a character I wanted to use I first thought …

  3. DS106 ChaChaChelsea Style

    Exploring the Movie Even More


    This assignment asked that we take the clip we chose from the previous assignment “Look, Listen, Analize” and first find three bits of interesting information about it! I went to IMDB and chose these three bits:

    “During filming, a paramedic was kept on the set to make sure that Mr. …

  4. DS106 ChaChaChelsea Style

    DS106 Weekly Summary 9


    So this week was dedicated to stories in the web. But we started off with a show evaluation of both our own radio show as well as a show we were assigned.
    In this assignment we needed to first evaluate another teams radio show. The radio team that my group …

  5. DS106 ChaChaChelsea Style

    Comment Character


    This assignment we once again were able to flex our creative muscle. We were asked to make up a fictitious character and post comments on other classmates blogs. I decided that I would make a super overly friendly character that only spoke pig latin, her name was Helsea Cay. We …

  6. DS106 ChaChaChelsea Style

    Telling Stories within the Web


    So this assignment asked us to take a web page from any source and “remix” it with our own twist to tell a completely different story! I chose to do an Amazon page, because O alway feel like the review written on these pages are the most ridiculous things. I’ve …

  7. DS106 ChaChaChelsea Style

    DS106: Weekly Summary 7 & 8


    Well as the past three weeks come to an end I am a bit glad I finally made it! It was a lot of work but I have really become swift in my audio editing skills!
    I want to start off with talking about all the audio assignments. I sort …

  8. DS106 ChaChaChelsea Style

    Week 6: One Story/Four Icons


    In this weeks design assignment we continued on our design challenges. We were asked to do 15 stars of assignments, two of which needed to come from our “One Story/Four Icons” assignment. For this we needed to choose a movie to represent in four icons. I chose of my favorites …

  9. DS106 ChaChaChelsea Style

    Week 6: Design Assignment


    For this design assignment we were asked to make a bumper sticker! I though this would be a fund assignment because ever since I have moved to a more suburban area I have noticed myself being sujected to more and more of these. And I often find myself drifting off …

  10. DS106 ChaChaChelsea Style

    Ds106: Weekly Summary 6


    So this week was SO MUCH FUN! We continued on our path of design and even got to play around with some radio stuff too! I am really trying to make this week’s summary more brief then previous weeks, because from the feedback I have been getting I don’t really …

  11. DS106 ChaChaChelsea Style

    Week 6: DS106 Propaganda Poster


    In this assignment we are continuing with our theme of design. We were asked to take a WWII propaganda poster and redesign it into something propagating a theme related to DS106.

    I chose a poster that had to do with the red scare. It was a poster emphasizing the believed …

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