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Telling Stories within the Web

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So this assignment asked us to take a web page from any source and “remix” it with our own twist to tell a completely different story! I chose to do an Amazon page, because O alway feel like the review written on these pages are the most ridiculous things. I’ve also always thought the shopping experience has been a bit untruthful so I played around with the idea’s of marketing a product and how it usually ends up coming sort of these original premises.

I thought a fun idea to work with would be a “Walk on Water Shoe“. I think it was a pretty playful idea and searching a watershoe on amazon would be really fun to change a story on. Most of the reviews on the site were still applicable to a “Walk on Watershoe” just some needed some more humor and I obviously had to change the format of some to make them more coherent. I also played with some of the standard links and buttons to make them closer to what people really think when they see them.

The final thing that I played with on the page was the idea of suspending reality. As I touched on earlier this idea is so far fetched that I had to have a little fun with the selling of the product. I wanted this to obviously be something that had never really been thought of. This can be seen when talking about the product details.

I thought this assignment was surprisingly easy given what a big task it initially seemed like. This is absolutely something I will be adding to my “Impressive Things I’ve Learned in DS106″ list!


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