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Final Project Idea

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In this last assignment we are asked to think of a ficticious character and build a story around a narrative arc. We are then asked to take this narrative and create a media landscape around it!

Step 1.
When thinking of a character I wanted to use I first thought of what the problem the character would be facing. I wanted to make the hurtle a familar one since all the creativity would show through both who the charcter is as well as how they would face the problem. As odd as this may sound my idea for a character came to me in the shower! I decided I wanted to do a project that centered on the situation where someone (my character) would be looking for employment. And with this problem in mind I went through several character candidates but settled on the Hostess’ Twinkie the Kid. As well all know Hostess recently went out of business so in my story This former “food childstar” will be looking, for really the first time since 1995 (when twinkie was created), for employment.

Step 2.
In this step I had to decide on how I would takle this narrative through a digital lens. So I deicded I would sort of show how Twinkie would begin to create a more professional persona in order to find a reliable job.

Web: I wanted to put him in the typical guy looking for a new job. So with this in mind I first thought “Linkedin!”. Since most professional atmospheres do look to have a linked in account I thought this would be a first step. So for this I will use the “Storytelling Within the Web” to create the linkedin account.

Web: I also thought to make Twinkie seem like a more realistic character I would create a twitter account for him, to keep his friends and followers in the loop about the process. For this I will you the assignment “What They Might Have Done in Social Media“. This will also help to add parts to the story to make each assignment flow with each other to create a more consistent storyline.

Audio: I plan on also using audio as another platform for my narrative sphere. I plan on using the assignment “Movie Voice Machines” to sort of inspire another component to Twinkie’s story. What I would like to do is take a clip from one of the Hostess commercial and insert it into the voicemail answering machine, then have some of his other fictitious co-workers and competitors call as well as a possible job lead.

Design: I will use the design assignment “Bad Guy Business Card” as inspiration to make Twinkie a Business card. It will be something that he made himself and had sent out to be created. It will either had a slight typing error or some funny facts on there about him.

Web: For the final part of my narrative I will use the assignment “Google History Maps” to sort of tell of Twinkie’s commute. When he finally lands his job (employer undisclosed at this point) I will sort of map out his daily commute which he will share with his followers on twitter.

This is what I am thinking so far, all together these assignments add up to 15 stars. I think that I will probably take some creative liberties throughout the coming week but this is the blueprint I would like to stick with for now to get twinkie employed!

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