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Weeks 7 & 8: Sardonic Mash-ups

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So we were asked to do 5 stars worth of audio assignments in the last two weeks. For my first assignment (worth 4 stars) I chose the assignment “Sardonic Mash-up“. Essentially what we were asked to do was to take a public apology, commercial, or political speech and re-record it with more appropriate music, to make it shine in a more mocking light.
I chose to go with public apologies, because I felt there were just so many good ones to choose from! Would it be Clintons public apology for lying to Congress? Or Chris Brown’s in which he says sorry for beating Rihanna? No no I chose Tiger Wood’s apology for his illicit affairS.

I relistened to his entire apology on youtube and tried to pick the part of the apology I liked the best. I went with 2:00-4:48 seconds because I felt like he showed the widest array of emotions in those minutes. I felt that the whole speech was bit martyr-esque so I tried to pick a really tragic song to go along with it in the mash-up. The most tragic song that came to mind was Beethoven’s Fur Elise.
When I used Audacity to put both pieces together I couldn’t figure out how to import the Tiger Wood’s speech (especially the part I wanted), so I re-recorded it into Audacity and had to play with the microphone volume so it wouldn’t drown out the Fur Elise piece I had as well.
Mash up Screenshot
After finishing the piece I was really excited because I felt like the way I mashed the two pieces up Tiger’s emotions really lined up with the music. From the anger when talking about Elin attacking him to “sorrow” for his school program! This was my first comedic mash-up and I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come with all of my editing software skills!

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