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Weeks 7 & 8: Radio Show Commercials & Bumpers

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Let the Radio Shows begin! Over the past two weeks we have had to work very hard on our radio show for the DS106 station. Our group decided we were going with a dynamite theme in which we would each do a 4 minute audio story segment on what made us dynamite! But before we could all get into our audio story we had to each do a commercial and two bumpers then as a group vote on what would be incorporated into our show.
The first thing I tackled was my bumper. Since this was the shortest of the three things we had to do for our radio show I did this one first. I made my bumper very simple since it was just a reminder of what the listener was tuned in to and only meant to be played between aduio segments from myself and my partners in the group. I used Audacity for all of the sound editing in this and found it was really easy to put in my Dynamite sound effect at the end.

After all was said and done I uploaded my bumper onto “SoundCloud and shared it on my group’s googledoc so that I could get some feed back and apply it to my commercial and audio story.
Bumper Screen Shot
When doing my commercial I used Audacity as my sound editor of choice. I typed a script up for myself (as I did for all the audio segments I recorded) and then recorded it into Audacity. I felt that for all my audio assignments Audacity was by far the most user friendly! After I recorded by entire scripted commercial I put in some fun sound effects to try to make it seem like something you could actually hear on the radio. For all of my sound effects I used FreeSound, it was free to get an account and had every sound imaginable! Then I added the beginning riff to a really upbeat song and quietly played it in the background throughout the whole commercial.

The last part of our radio show assignments was to create our 4 minute segment going along the lines of our theme (in this case that was “what made you dynamite”). For me, my talent was speaking Mandarin Chinese! I spoke about the spark that lit this metaphorical stick of dynamite as well as what the “explosion” looked like. Again I used Audacity to both record and edit my audio piece. What was most difficult about this was actually talking for four straight minutes! When you have to sit down, script out what will be said and then deliver it talking that long is more challenging then I initially thought it would be.

But this being said I managed to do it and added some chinese guitar in the background to make the piece seem less dry. After I uploaded it to SoundCloud, shared it on googledocs and tried to edit as much as I could give the groups feedback!
Screenshot Audio Story

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