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Weekly Summary 6

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Lots of things this week.  Design was lots of fun and we did lots of things that were very… pleasant.  I’ve had some experience with design before, doing various things with Gimp like designing my logo for our school lacrosse team.

Lots of challenging things and lots of fun stuff.  This week, we had to do 15 points worth of design assignments.  I ended up doing 18 I think but there were lots of them.  It was all a lot of fun.  I did them over a couple days and I don’t know what else to say.

The first one was an assignment to take a WWII propaganda poster in relation to ds106.  It was worth 3 stars.

The second was design a minimalist movie/tv poster worth 3 and a half stars.  I ended up doing something a little different, but it’s close enough.

The third was a 4 point value, where I had to animate a movie poster.

The fourth was a 3 star assignment where I had to take brand logos and turn them into a zombie apocalypse themed thing.  You can find more about it here.

The fifth, my favorite, was to photoshop a person into a scene where they don’t belong.  It was 3 stars.

The last one was to take four icons to summarize a movie.  Two stars.

Then there was the design blitz where we had to take photos of everything we saw that related the themes of design.  I ended up doing it all in one day because I was busy the rest of the week.  It wasn’t hard to go around and find examples being that everything is designed… So anything goes.

I did three Daily creates this week.  The first one was asking what kind of pastry I would be.

This was asking to take a picture of someone wrapped up in a blanket.

This daily create was take a picture of something you made.  I made a fire.

The radio group was a bit hectic.  We decided on our name quickly, calling ourselves “The Fifth Dimension.”  We communicated via twitter for the most part.  We tried to talk via canvas but it didn’t work very well.

I ended up making the design logo and I think everyone liked it.

And we decided on a soundscape theme for our show.

Overall, the week went well I think.  I got most of the work done in the beginning of the week with the assignments.  Everything with the radio show came within the last few hours, so it’s a little crazy.  It was good to get it all done (at least I think it’s done now).  The assignments were my favorite parts of the week, mostly because they were fun to do.  Playing around with stuff was a lot of fun and it was nice to get away from real work and just play around with pictures in Gimp.

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