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The Radio Show: Dating Disasters

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In class last Wednesday we decided we were going to do our class radio show on dating. A lot of ideas came to mind for my portion of the show, such as doing a segment on the crazy and weird conversations people have on Tinder (or the weirdos they meet), but only one stuck with me and seemed like the best idea. One of my best friends once told me the story of the worst date she’d ever been on. Not “worst date ever” in the way that the guy was awful or boring, but that everything that could go wrong on the date, did. But when she tells the story, she’s always very forgiving and acts like it was no big deal.

I’d heard the story a few times before meeting Samantha my sophomore year of college. I noticed Samantha and her close friends always joking around about their guy friend who had taken a girl on a date that had gone horribly, and how he would tell the story and elaborate extensively on all the awful things that had gone wrong. It turns out that Sam’s friend was the guy who had taken my friend on the date 4 years ago, and though they were telling the stories completely differently, we finally pieced them together. So, for the radio show, Sam and I are going to have talks with our two friends separately and then mash them together into a story about this unbelievably awful date, to get the scoop and see just how bad it really was.

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