1. bridghi

    “My People”


    For my photo essay, “My People”, I chose to do a collection of photos of the individuals in my life that mean the most to me, my family and close friends. I wanted all of the images to capture these people at their happiest or most content moments, because that…
  2. bridghi

    Possible first photo for Photo Essay

    This is a photo I am considering using for my Photo Essay. It was taken over Spring Break (if only it were actually that beautiful outside), and it captures something about my grandparents that I can’t really explain. I’ve decided I am going to make all photos in the essay…
  3. bridghi

    Weekly Summary

    My team at Nationals

    A LOT of things have happened in the past week. So many exciting things have happened, not to mention that the semester is wrapping up along with my time here at U of M. The two most exciting things that happened were that my volleyball team …

  4. bridghi

    Response to Masters of Photography

    CC flickr J. Scott 2

    My first reaction: woah, Diane’s daughter, nice hair. I realize that was the style in 1972, but I couldn’t help but laugh just a little. Once I got past that, I thought it interesting that this was a video, about photography, put together from visuals …

  5. bridghi

    What is a portrait?


    The next aspect of photography I chose to learn more about is portraits. That’s because to be honest I have no idea what makes a photo a portrait, or what photographs would qualify as portraits. Or if it even matters.

    A portrait I snapped of my grandfather last summer. It…
  6. bridghi

    Black & White


    This is a picture I took of my cousin Shannon. I think it looks better in black and white because in the original, the colors are dull, and I think it is a nice close up of her but the color was lacking. Making it black and white gave it …

  7. bridghi



    I chose to look more closely at exposure because I know it’s something that I have the option of playing with on all my pictures both when taking and editing them, but I had no idea what it really meant. It turns out that exposure is how much light falls …

  8. bridghi

    Response to “Jon”


    This was a very interesting short story, a little confusing at times but I thought it was fun to read because it held my interest the entire time. The detailed descriptions and the way the story was written made it so easy to envision exactly what Jon is thinking or …

  9. bridghi

    Weekly Summary


    This week was spent mostly on visual design. I’m familiar with Photoshop, so when we did the in-class editing with it, I was completely comfortable. However, on my computer, I have Gimp, so when I had to do my design creates it took way longer because Gimp is not user …

  10. bridghi

    Original Creation


    I took my original creation from the DS106 Assignment Bank. I chose to do “The Ultimate Merger”, by creating a logo to combine 2 famous companies. This is what I came up with:

    + =
  11. bridghi

    Design Create #4


    Minimalist travel posters: Narnia? Downton Abbey? Skeepers? Make a minimalist poster showcasing your favorite/least favorite plcae. Or a place that you have complicated feelings about. Or a place that you can think of now.

    My feelings towards Rick’s are complicated. 

  12. bridghi

    Design Create #3


    If movie posters told the truth: Take a movie poster and make it say what the movie is really about, or what it is really like.

    To start this design create, I though of my favorite movies and which one of them could be renamed to make more sense. Pretty…
  13. bridghi

    Albums Without Sound


    I took a look at the Albums Without Sound blog and was very impressed. The idea for the project was really cool, and I like that he set standards for it so no matter what the image, article, or quote was, he had to make it work. My favorite album …

  14. bridghi

    Design Create #2

    Splash the color. This is the original image I found on the Flickr Creative Commons. I then used Gimp to desaturate the photo, add a mask, and then paint over the mask to reveal the color. This was the easiest one I have done so far, maybe because I am…

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