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Daily Creates, what up?!

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Did a TON of daily creates, and more than that, wrote a post for every one of them without thinking about it. ¬†Whoops. I’m more or less going to copy or paste them all into here though, so get ready for a long post! Here goes:


Hoku and Bright Eyes

This was my favorite TDC of the past two weeks! ¬†TDC420¬†required us to write song lyrics from a song that described how we thought a day would go and then from a song that described how it went. ¬†When I was in highschool, I was OBSESSED with song lyrics. ¬†I constantly felt like the music I was listening to was “really speaking to me, y’know?” ¬†I haven’t done any real lyric-searching though for about four years.

Anyway, yesterday when I woke up I had the feeling it was going to be a really good day, and by the end of it I felt totally exhausted and worn down. ¬†For the good feeling, I chose “Perfect Day” from Hoku, which I have only ever heard during the end of Legally Blonde. ¬†I had to look it up to remember the lyrics but I remembered it being a fun, peppy song about how everything was perfect. ¬†I used Bright Eyes for the end of the day because I’m familiar with a lot of his music and anyone who knows anything about him knows that his music is generally super moody. ¬†I settled on “Sunrise, Sunset.”

Here’s my¬†post:

On this perfect day, nothing’s standing in my way
On this perfect day when nothing can go wrong
(Hoku ‚Äď Perfect Day (Legally Blonde, anyone?))

Sunrise, sunset, you wake up then you undress, it always is the same.
(Bright Eyes ‚Äď ‚ÄúSunrise, Sunset‚ÄĚ)


Daydream Believer

For¬†TDC419¬†we were instructed to take a photo looking out our best daydreaming window. ¬†I live in a small townhouse in College Heights and we don’t have very many windows, but I do like this one looking out from our dining room. ¬†Unfortunately, the lighting didn’t do the window justice and I did some altering on GIMP but still couldn’t get it to look right. ¬†It really is a nice window though!



Another Moose (his name is Melon)


For TDC425, we were supposed to take a picture of something in our car and make it into a movie poster.  In keeping with my moose obsession, I chose the stuffed moose that I bought a thrift store two years ago, named Melon, and put on my dashboard.


The rest of my car was a total mess, so for probably the only time in my life, the stuffed-animal moose who’s spent his last two years on the dashboard of my Celica actually came in handy. ¬†I looked at other people’s submissions to get an idea of how to title my movie and tried thinking of what on earth a moose would be doing in a car, and all I came up with was “going on a ride.” ¬†So here you have it, The Ride, coming to theaters this summer.



Order and Cleanliness


TDC424 instructed us to write about an odd thing that brings us joy.

As I state in my¬†post¬†for the assignment, I’ve never been diagnosed with any form of¬†OCD. ¬†However, I have always had weird quirks with food and organization. ¬†I used to not be able to eat anything without taking it apart first; layered food like salmon or those layered biscuits that come out of a can were my favorites, but I also had to separate all the components of fried rice and things like that.

Something about having things in order and organized (and subsequently, often clean as well) almost automatically puts me at ease; in the same way, being in a cluttered, unorganized environment makes my stress-level skyrocket. ¬†For all I know, this might be extremely common, but it’s not a trait I’ve ever been fortunate enough to share with roommates, so I wouldn’t know.

Anyway, more on that here.



The Railing


For TDC413, we were supposed to write an ode to an under-appreciated object.  In my Environment and Society course, we recently went over character-object networks, and one of the examples we were provided with was a railing.  Granted, in the example, the railing was a player in a system in which at zoos with enclosed spaces for elephants where there were stairs, the guidelines required the stairs to have a railing (as there was no wall on one side of them).  Shortly after installing the railings, they quickly found that the elephants were strong enough to rip the railings out of the concrete with their trunks and fling them around, endangering themselves and the zookeepers.

My ode to railings has NOTHING to do with that.


I Had a Weird Childhood

I spent the bulk of my “formative years” on other continents. ¬†Shortly after I was born, my family moved to Kampala, Uganda, and about two years after that we moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. ¬†We moved back to the United States when I was about six.

You’d think, with all that traveling and a new child, that my parents would have taken a TON of pictures, right? ¬†Apparently not.

When I saw¬†yesterday’s assignment¬†for the Daily Create, to recreate a childhood photo, I wanted to give it a go. ¬†There are very few photos of my childhood, and certainly none of them here with me at school. ¬†Fortunately, a while back, my sister scanned one from when we were on a safari in Uganda and put it on facebook, so it was really my only option for a childhood photo to ‘recreate.’

I’m on the right in the adorable overalls.

That being said, can you take a moment and try to imagine how difficult it would be to recreate this picture? ¬†There aren’t many cattle skulls or open plains in Fredericksburg. ¬†So here’s what I ended up with:


While I knew it would be difficult, I thought I could at least pull something off. ¬†I was also wrong about that. ¬†I forgot that growing taller also means growing wider, so I couldn’t fit myself very easily over my four-year old body in the photo. ¬†I did get to play with photoshop tools though in this one because once I erased the background from the layer for the second picture, I was left with some flowing hair over my shoulder that looked extremely out of place. ¬†Erasing that wouldn’t help though because then I’d be left with a blank spot in the picture. ¬†Granted it is a splotchy job at best, I used the clone and stamp tools to recreate something of a sky and the remainder of that hill over my shoulder.

In all, this didn’t take me very long to do, but it did present a challenge and I had fun doing it. ¬†TDC428 completed.

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