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Ring Ring! Who’s There?**

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To get to my goal of 5 stars worth of audio assignments from the ds106 assignment bank, I did a 2 star rated assignment: Make Your Own Ringtone.  I chose this mainly because of the few songs I’ve had stuck in my head the past few days.  They were all pretty similar sounding, so I wanted to make a ringtone using clips from each one.

I opened Audacity and loaded the three songs I wanted to use from my iTunes library: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, Raise Your Weapon by Deadmau5, and Young Blood by the Naked and Famous.  I trimmed each song to the part I wanted to use and lined them up so that Radioactive played first, then Raise Your Weapon, and finally Young Blood.

Audacity Ringtone

The transition between Radioactive and Raise Your Weapon turned out a lot better than the one between Raise Your Weapon and Young Blood. Even though the singers change from male to female in the beginning, I think the actual melding together was pretty good. After I trimmed and aligned everything to sound the way I wanted (almost), I exported the file and uploaded it to soundcloud.  I liked this assignment, but it got pretty frustrating when I couldn’t get the transition the way I wanted it between the last 2 songs. Thinking back, maybe if I’d chosen a different part of the song, it would have sounded better. Personally, I wouldn’t use this as a ringtone, but only because I love the first song Radioactive so much, that I’d just want to listen to that the whole time!

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