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Little Lion Man

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Little Lion Man – Mumford and Sons

For this assignment, we had to watch the Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Lion Cage’ video and create our own sounds like a Foley artist does. I was born in July {on the 5th} so I was assigned to remake 00:00 – 00:30.

This was very challenging because Foley artists produce sounds by themselves with the objects/materials they have around them. I used various objects and will explain what I used and how I used it.

First, I planned out all of the sounds. I wrote down what sounds went with what time frame.

How Foley artists REALLY do it :)

Then, I thought about what objects I could use to create that sound. I went to get a couple of materials and brought them to my work space.


I put my hand in the shoe when he was running and used the wood hammer for the horse’s footsteps – that way, it would sound like two different footsteps. I whipped the rope lightly on the surface of my desk to get the sound of the lion’s tail {who knew lions wagged their tail when they slept??} I wanted this sound to be subtle because I know what tails sound like when they hit the ground and it is very soft and low.

I also added a little dialouge when it was really silent and no sounds could have been made.

My only challenge was the door opening and closing at 00:05 & 00:06. Unlike these guys, I do not have a studio to work in. Since I recorded this all on my SoundCloud app, I actually used my desk drawer as the door. Since the door {in the video} did not have a handle, I would just open and close my desk drawer to get the sound effect.

While recording my sounds of my SoundCloud app, I watched the video on my computer and put it on mute. This way, I knew exactly when things happened such as the latch shutting. I wanted my sounds to be accurate and match up with the video as closely as possible.

I like the way this sound clip turned out and I am eager to know what we’re going to do next with these clips!!

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