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Chaplin Foley

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This assignment was probably the most interesting and difficult assignment to date in ds106. As per usual, I used Audacity to create the audio for this assignment. Here is the segment of the clip that I used:

To start, I watched the clip about five or so times through to gauge what kind of sounds I should be making, and also to see what outside props I would need to bring in to make these sounds. I decided that my feet, my voice, and a plastic box laying around my room would suffice for the sound effects. I then had a little difficulty recording and watching the clip at the same time, but ultimately decided to start the recording first and let it run a few seconds before starting the video. Once completed I simply cut out the beginning portion of dead noise. After watching the video with my audio I was fairly satisfied, however I now realize that it’s rather odd for such a small dog to have the deeply toned bark that I gave him. Also, while I tried to address all the possible noises, there were certainly more that could have been implemented, but it would probably require a second person. Ultimately, I am content with the result, and very pleased I had the opportunity to make my own foley sound effects.

Here is my audio:

And here is a screenshot of my Audacity screen:

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 9.46.16 PM

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