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  1. Oh My Gott

    DS106 – I Barely Knew Ye

    What is Storytelling? Here is my week 3 post, “What is Storytelling?”. After reviewing what this young ds106′er wrote a few months ago, I find that I still share a similar definition of what storytelling generally is, but understand the concepts WAY better. I now know what it takes to create a story of your ...
  2. Oh My Gott

    Honest Abe Explores Times Square

    On April 14th, 1865 President Abraham Lincoln arrived at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. This day lives in infamy. President Lincoln watched “Our American Cousin” in amusement from his balcony seat, and halfway through act two, when the crowd erupted with laughter, he was time warped and transported to Time Square, New York City circa ...
  3. Oh My Gott

    Abe Lincoln – Master of Karaoke

    For my final piece of media to be used in the final project, I have created an audio clip. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find “pretend to be a former president and sing karaoke” in the audio assignment repository. My goal was to close out ds106 with something light and fun, so I figured having a former ...
  4. Oh My Gott

    News of Abe Spreads

    The news of Abraham Lincoln had to spread quickly. In the world we live in today, news is instantly broken via social networking sites such as Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. I wanted to show examples of news breaking via social networking sites, but thought Twitter was too conventional, so I used reddit instead. For this ...
  5. Oh My Gott

    Abe Tries His Hand At Craigslist

    For the next portion of my final project I completed the “storytelling within the web” assignment. I thought it would be pretty comical if President Abraham Lincoln posted a Craigslist ad for help on how to work modern technologies, so I went for it. The process was pretty simple. First, I set up the craigslist ...
  6. Oh My Gott

    Abe Lands in NYC

    I could not find any existing assignment in the visual assignments repository that matched this piece of the story. As my story goes, Abe Lincoln is time warped from his chair in 1865 to Times Square in 2013. I wanted to create an image to capture this. My method was fairly simple. I used Google ...
  7. Oh My Gott

    10 Seconds of Thanks Tutorial

    Here is a simple tutorial for the 10 seconds of thanks, it involves using a pen and pencil and not your computer. Gasp! I think sometimes we need a reminder of how to use these archaic technologies. 1) Find a time keeping utility- watch, clock, phone, etc. 2) Grab a pen/pencil and a pad of ...
  8. Oh My Gott

    Your Favorite Teams Mashup Tutorial

    Here is a tutorial for the Your Favorite Teams Mashup assignment . 1) Select your two favorite sports teams 2) Find an image of the two teams logo’s and download them to your computer. 3) Go to 4) Select “open image from your computer” and open the two images you just downloaded. 5) Choose ...
  9. Oh My Gott

    Weekly Summary

    I was extremely crunched for time this week, as I have 18 credits worth of final projects and exams to complete. Unfortunately, for the first time this semester I was not able to complete all the work. The Popcorn assignment caused much frustration, and after going back and forth between that and iMovie trying to ...
  10. Oh My Gott

    Flickr/Craigslist Morph

    This next assignment, which I chose to title ‘twittr’, asks the user to combine two popular websites to create a new page. I completed the assignment using the sites Craigslist and Flickr. I used Firebug to edit the two pages, and used simple cut and paste to take section headers from Flickr and transfer them ...
  11. Oh My Gott

    Assignments Created

    Unfortunately, I did not submit any assignments until just this week, so both the assignments I submitted were mashup assignments. The first one I submitted was to create a mashup of your two favorite sports teams logos’. This assignment was heaps of fun to complete, and I hope ds106′ers of the future enjoy it. The ...
  12. Oh My Gott

    Daily Creates

    I’m not sure exactly how to retrieve the Daily Creates that I submitted, but I did submit two of them earlier this week. The first assignment was to, “carve/draw something interesting on an apple”. This idea came from me simply looking around the room and finding an apple. The second Daily Create I submitted was ...
  13. Oh My Gott

    Overall Community Participation

    I think I was moderately active in the ds106 community this semester. While I am not too involved in the “twittersphere”, I do make every attempt to stay active within my blog, responding to comments that merit a response, etc. Also, during the group project I was extremely involved, taking on the leadership role for ...
  14. Oh My Gott

    Creative Commons Joke

    For this assignment I was tasked with remixing photographs by Jonathan Worth. While I’m not quite sure if a video was meant for this assignment, I went for it anyway. I was at a complete blank as to what I should do, so I went with what I feel most comfortable with, iMovie. I downloaded ...
  15. Oh My Gott

    Remix Explained

    After watching parts 1 and 3 of everything is a remix, I felt much more knowledgeable on the subject of remixes. While my prior understanding of remix was just the audio version in which artists would come out with new versions of a song, this series expanded my mind to understand that everything truly is ...
  16. Oh My Gott


    For the Favorite Sports Teams Mashup Assignment, we are asked to combine the logo of two or more of your favorite sports teams. I think I have made it obvious throughout the semester that the New York Jets & the New York Yankees are my two favorite teams, so choosing the logos to combine was ...
  17. Oh My Gott

    10 Seconds of Thanks – In Pink

    For this remix assignment, I was asked to list what I am thankful for in 10 seconds. The remixed portion came in the form of pink – and required that I “make the assignment more pink”. Ultimately, this assignment was short and sweet, just the way I like my d106 assignments. I grabbed a pink ...
  18. Oh My Gott

    Roadrunner Takes A Magic Muscroom

    For this Recycled Media assignment, I was to use recycled media from past ds106 students to create a story. This was difficult to do, as most of the media was completely unrelated. My idea started with this audio clip, and from there I let my mind run wild until I came up with some sort ...
  19. Oh My Gott

    Final Project Gameplan

    I had a lot of trouble deciding on a character to use for the final project. It seemed as though each character I chose I could find a a problem with. Eventually I decided on Abraham Lincoln, with a twist, in that he will be living in modern society. There are endless possibilities of assignments ...
  20. Oh My Gott

    Weeks 11 & 12 Recap

    Completed Assignments Get Ya New York Sports Here! *** Gassy, Gassy Hippo ** Movie Scenes That Changed My Life ***** Number Three Is Everywhere *** Rage Against The Russian Mafia *** Total Stars – 16 Pissed Off Lion (Chaplin foley assignment) Reflection The past 2 weeks of ds106 has been quite the trip. I think ...
  21. Oh My Gott

    Pissed Off Lion

    To cap off the two weeks of video work for ds106, I completed the Chaplin Foley Artists assignment by retelling the original Chaplin film, “The Lion’s Cage”. The assignment required that I add audio and other media elements to change the original story. I chose to tell the story from the perspective of the lion ...
  22. Oh My Gott

    Rage Against The Russian Mafia

    The final video task I chose from the video assignment bank is the watching movies with the stereo on assignment, which requires you to take a clip from a movie, remove the audio, and add audio from a song that fits. My initial reaction when reading the assignment was to choose a high intensity shooting scene ...
  23. Oh My Gott

    Number Three Is Everywhere

    The next assignment I chose to tackle was the movies by numbers assignment, which required that you create a video that, “represents a single number in an artful way.” I scanned through some of the previous works done and did not see any on the number three, so I went with that. My goal for ...
  24. Oh My Gott

    Movies Scenes That Changed My Life

    For 5 stars, this movies scenes that changed our lives assignment took some time to complete. The assignment calls for you to choose 3 defining movie scenes, and speak over them about their importance.  I immediately knew that I wanted to use this scene from The Lion King, because my mom loves to tell the ...
  25. Oh My Gott

    Gassy, Gassy, Hippo

    Another assignment I chose to do is the play-by-play assignment which requires you to do a play-by-play commentary of any video. One video I watched recently that had me laughing was this To do a voiceover of this video I first downloaded the video using clipconverter. Next, I used Audacity to record my audio. Here ...
  26. Oh My Gott

    Get Ya New York Sports Here!

    For three stars, I chose to do the Sports Mashup Assignment. This assignment called for creating a compilation of great sports within a theme. As an “avid New York sports fan”, I chose to do a New York theme for the montage, and layered Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind over it. The process was fairly ...
  27. Oh My Gott

    Wrapping It Up

    I am very much looking forward to the next few weeks working with video. I downloaded MPEG streamclip this week, and already had iMovie on my computer. I have had a good amount of previous experience editing video with iMovie and feel pretty comfortable with the software. The 3 time review activity was an eye-opening experience, and provided ...
  28. Oh My Gott

    Prepping The Video Assignments

    The two assignments I am choosing to do for next week’s work are the sports mashup assignment and the play-by-play assignment. Sports Mashup Assignment For this assignment my plan is to make a compilation of some funny moments in sports from the past few years. Clips like this will be used, and I can hopefully find ...
  29. Oh My Gott

    The Genres of Youtube

    After reviewing the Youtube Genres document, I felt there was a crucial piece of the Youtube puzzle missing. A lot of the genres added were very specific, only pertaining to a small portion of the Youtube video population. Music videos, something I think is one of the core foundations of Youtube, was left off the list. ...
  30. Oh My Gott

    Rounders Genre

    Rounders - 3 bits of interesting information 1) Worm was originally supposed to smoke but avid nonsmoker Edward Norton refused. 2) Matt Damon and Edward Norton played the $10,000 buy-in Texas Hold ‘Em championship event at the 1998 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. During the first of four days, Matt Damon had pocket Kings and was knocked out by former ...

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