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Honest Abe Explores Times Square

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On April 14th, 1865 President Abraham Lincoln arrived at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. This day lives in infamy. President Lincoln watched “Our American Cousin” in amusement from his balcony seat, and halfway through act two, when the crowd erupted with laughter, he was time warped and transported to Time Square, New York City circa 2013. Before Abe could blink an eye he was sitting in the very same chair nearly 150 years into the future. The people of Times Square were at a loss for words, and quickly started snapping as many pictures as they could before President Lincoln stood up in disbelief. Here is an image of the instant President Lincoln arrived in New York.


Abe needed to get away from these people snapping photos, he was confused and extremely uncomfortable. He stood up and ran towards the New York City crowd. While Abe wandered through the crowds, little did he know, the news of Abraham Lincoln being in NYC was making waves in the social media world. Here are just a few examples. Top story on Reddit:

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 9.22.51 PM

And several Facebook status updates, including this one:

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 9.29.54 PM

Sadly, in today’s society there are some who do not know who Abraham Lincoln is.

Anyway, back to ol’ Abe wandering the streets of New York City. Poor Abe was so perplexed by the world around him. Handheld devices, automobiles, skyscrapers, and the fast pace of the people was quite intimidating. He needed to employ help, he felt that he could not face this big, scary city on his own. The first thing Abe wanted was to hire a helper, as he was used to having many helpers during his presidency. The next office building Mr. Lincoln saw, he entered. He walked to the front desk.

‘Excuse me sir, how would I go about hiring help’

Jerry, the front desk manager, replied, ‘ is the easiest and fastest way’

‘And how would I go about using that thing?’, Abe said.

‘Well, I have a few spare minutes, and you seem a bit clueless about technology, so I can help you set up an ad for what you’re looking for”,  Jerry replied.

After a few minutes of Abe and Jerry working together, Jerry could tell Abe was, “not from around here”. After just twenty minutes, however, Jerry was able to write out an ad precisely how Abraham wanted it. Click here to view Abe’s job listing.

Ultimately, Jerry realized Abe had no one else to turn to, so after work Jerry invited Abe to his favorite bar for a few drinks. Abe accepted.

After the two had a few whiskey sours, the edge of being in a new century was removed for Abe, and Jerry was able to convince him to try his hand at some karaoke. Fortunately, we have a recording.

After a long day of switching centuries, Abe finally was beginning to feel comfortable in this new world. He felt that a 150 year difference wasn’t THAT big of a deal, and maybe he would like his new life better than the previous one. Who knows, maybe tomorrow he will have some responses to his Craigslist ad, and the next day start his 2016 campaign. His term, after all, was cut short.



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