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Wrapping It Up

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I am very much looking forward to the next few weeks working with video. I downloaded MPEG streamclip this week, and already had iMovie on my computer. I have had a good amount of previous experience editing video with iMovie and feel pretty comfortable with the software.

The 3 time review activity was an eye-opening experience, and provided a new perspective on a classic scene from Rounders. Ebert’s essay provided some interesting insight into the meaning of different shots and camera angles .

The genre of Rounders activity taught me the process of applying a genre to a film. I gave Rounders a genre of Drama/Crime. Another movie that shares the crime/drama category is The Godfather. I also had the opportunity to sift through interesting facts from the production of the film.

The Genres of Youtube activity was intriguing. Upon looking through the current list of genres I was surprised to see that “music videos” had not been addressed.

The next week working on the video assignments will certainly be an interesting experience. Here is my post on the two assignments that I chose for next week. I have always wanted to make a video compilation of funny moments in sports, and this week presents that opportunity. I will likely be able to find all the media I need from Youtube .

Daily Creates for this week were very simple, as only two were needed. Unfortunately, the two I completed did not pertain to video.

Draw A picture of the best present you ever received

Best present ever

Take a photo of an object found in the earth


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