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10 Seconds of Thanks – In Pink

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For this remix assignment, I was asked to list what I am thankful for in 10 seconds. The remixed portion came in the form of pink – and required that I “make the assignment more pink”. Ultimately, this assignment was short and sweet, just the way I like my d106 assignments. I grabbed a pink highlighter, set the clock, and listed what I could in 10 seconds. I quickly found out that 10 seconds goes by much faster than you think, and I listed only 4 items, coming in at an astounding rate of one item per every 2.5 seconds. This may seem to be a bit too trivial of an assignment, but it was the first remix that came up, and I ran with it. The bonus portion of the task was to draw yourself in 10 seconds, and in honor of graduation coming up, and the fact that education was one of the items I listed, I put a cap and gown on my pink self.

10 seconds of thanks

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