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Another assignment I completed for this week’s audio assignments was multipersonality. The task was to, “pretend that you are three to four persons having a regular conversation.” Being that my group chose a Twilight Zone theme for our radio broadcast, I chose to re-enact a scene from a Twilight Zone episode. The episode I chose was Mr. Garrity and The Graves , which involves a man (Mr. Garrity) arriving in a small town proclaiming he can revive the dead.

As I was recording, I realized this assignment was harder than I initially anticipated. I needed to rewrite the script of the episode a little bit in order to make it work for the assignment. In the original script, Mr. Garrity convinces the men he can actually revive the dead by resurrecting a dog that was hit by a car. However, it would have been very difficult to create the scene of several townspeople surrounding Mr. Garrity in the street using just audio. I planned on doing the whole scene over one recording, however it was difficult to record 4 minutes of audio without lots of mistakes. So, I recited lines in clips, and it certainly shows, as there is varying noise levels and choppy transitions between parts. I worked several hours to create what I have here, however I am still a little disappointed with the result.

Here is the Audacity file. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a screenshot until after I mixed and rendered all the clips into one. Earlier in the process there was a variety of different audio split into several clips, however I combined them into one to simplify the editing process.

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 12.14.42 AM



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