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2 Weeks Into 1 Post Crazy Talk

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Audio is something that is close to my heart especially through music. I love listening to things and understand exactly what the artist was talking about. In these past weeks we were doing a lot of different audio challenges that were new to my but I really wanted to try them out and succeed at them. My feelings after these weeks did not really change I still feel the same towards it I still love audio I just have a new appreciation to Foley sounds and how they are created. This week I completed 7 Stars from the assignment bank I know that small but that was all that I had time to do but I did the music tag for 3 stars and then the dialogue mashup for 4 stars. I did my daily creates I did 6 :p

Our radio show is well actually before I talk about my radio show my links to my bumper and commercial are there, they were not as hard as I thought. Now to my radio show *sigh*  our radio show was not bad honestly it could be worse but I think that it came out descent. We chose the topic easily because we were both interested in the idea of time travel and we liked stories so we decided to make vocal novel in a way. We were trying to base it the dramatic on Hispanic soap operas (if that is what they are called) they come on television. Then when we finished it came out more like a comedy drama with funny voices and everything. It kinda cut away the seriousness of the story but heyy you only make one radio show hahaha just kidding but I like it that is our personalities not taking anything too serious. Then we organized it by having a Google document and shared it with each other to make it more easily to get to communicate  We made a our script there so we just assigned people to each other to write the script. The hardest part in the beginning was communication through the WHOLE group but when that did not work out technically problems and all then it was not so bad. The easiest part for me was editing because I was getting a hang of how Audacity works and everything. The easiest part in the group is that we both had our strengths that helped a lot because they were totally different. For example she was better with wording and editing the script and I was better at putting everything together (but I messed up a couple times I am only human). Since it was just two of us it was easy to just split into what we were good at. We both worked on the script she did the past and I did the future and then I edited the whole thing and she found the background music and a little transition music. I think the whole thing came out okay could be better but I think for what two people did it came out nice. I feel like we achieved our goals in our story like our plot and our ending. I think people will laugh their butts off and be really confused the first time around just because of the many different voices. I also think that some people might not like it because of how weird it is.

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