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27 Enchanted Dresses

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The assignment is called Dialogue Mashup worth 4 stars. Oh my goodness this was really easy for me once I found what movies I should do. I wanted to get a good one that made some of since. But I found that finding dialogue in movies is actually pretty hard . So I just did movies that I just seen. Which were if you did not guess it from the title was 27 Dresses and Enchanted. These movies are really good if you have not seen them…. go see them. For my sets I got my favorite screens from both movies through YouTube.

Then I converted the YouTube scenes to mp3  Then I dragged them in to Audacity. With them In there I cut out everytime the girl talked in 27 Dresses to keep the guy voice there. Then I did the same but opposite with Enchanted I cut out the man voice so I can have the girls voice there. Then instead wherever the girl voice would have been in 27 Dresses I put the girl’s voice from Enchanted in there. Now I know that sound confusing but it really is not as bad as you think.  In the end It came out looking like this in Audacity.

27 enchanted dresses

Then I just exported it into the a mp3 and put it in my SoundCloud and in the end got this! I am really proud of it.

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