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I Think I Talk Too Much

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If you haven’t picked up on this already by now you probably are completely oblivious (no offense). I talk a lot. There is nothing that I love more than hearing the sound of my own voice, which is why I think that blogging is so much fun, because I just get to ramble. Well it was only fitting that my character for our radio show was a person who distracts the groups and just gets everyone off topic. Sadly, I am that person when it comes to group projects. So my inspiration was pretty easy to get.

I decided that I wanted to have the bumper come from my character on the radio. So I wanted to have a lot of talking going on and rambling. Something which happens a lot in our radio show. So I just started talking without a script. I just said whatever I felt like saying in order to make it seem like rambling, which was exactly what it was.

Of course, like all audio things, we need a background noise. I figured that having noises from a hallway would portray the switching of classes and helps to establish the school setting. I also decided to add in the vibrating phone because I feel like my character would constantly be on her phone throughout the project. I thought it added another touch that gave the bumper an extra kick to it. Check it out here and listen for it in our radio show on Monday March 18th, at 11pm on ds106 radio.

Thanks for reading!
Princess Karissa

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