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Music Tag

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I found the assignment called Music Tag worth 3 stars. This should honestly be called ┬áthe Jazmin Assignment because I do this on a┬áregular┬ábasis┬áwhen I sing songs. I would be singing a song and then not know the rest of the song so I go and sing a different song but transition with the same word in the end. The difference from this and what I do is that I had to make a story of of this one. But I good at finding songs that should go together in a story type. When I think about music nowadays they are always talking about some sort of relationship. So I went with that idea, for my first song I did Adorn by Miguel and what I think this song is talking about is when meeting a person and you fall in love with that person and you always want to be with them and love them all the time. You know like never leaving you alone (I call that being a creeper but some people like that so whatever haha). But sometimes after some people think that the other is cheating on them so they go out looking for a person and in my┬áscenario┬áthe woman found another woman and is trying to tell her to back off. I did this using the song The boy is Mine by Brandy and Monica. Next after the woman told the other woman she need to back off I went to another song where the woman is mad but not hurtful. This song is called I Should have Cheated by Keyshia Cole and this song is talking about I did not cheat but now since I know you cheated I could have done that too. After that the woman is thinking and thinking and gets madder and madder so she confronts her man for cheating especially since she did not do anything and saying that┬á┬áyou have 10 seconds to either tell me what you did or get out of my face because you lied to me and I do not think I will ever forgive you for that. ┬áThis song is 10 seconds by Jazmine Sullivan. And for my last song I did more of an older song called Before I Let You Go by Blackstreet. This song is so cute because in my story it would be the guy coming back like don’t leave me I wont do it again and stuff like that. I was honestly crying at the end of this music tag that I did and I hope you do too, here it is all together:┬ámy music tag.

Okay so how I did it was very simple all I did was take the songs from YouTube and and then used the YouTube to mp3. I put all of the songs on to Audacity and then I went to find the lyrics and put them all on a word document and found the perfect places to make them transition, Keeping in mind that I had to transition them with the same words in the songs. Then I cut off where each of the music should be on Audacity then I just exported it as a mp3. In Audacity it looked like this audio clash

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