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It’s Tricky

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It’s Tricky – Run DMC

There was one web design assignment that all of us DS106ers had to do. It was called Storytelling within the Web. For this assignment, we had to recreate an already existing web page.

First, I had to download Mozilla Firefox because I didn’t have it and the Hackasaurus didn’t want to work without it. Unlike my previous downloads in this class, this download was very easy and fast. {That was a nice change!! I feel like I always have a problem with the downloads in this class}. This goggle tool made it super easy to complete this assignment! I had way too much fun doing it, so much so that I thought “there’s no way this is an actual assignment…like for a grade?!”

Here is a picture of the original page:


Here is the TRUTH to the DS106 website:


You can see it on it’s own site too.

For this assignment, I went for “the truth”. What people would want to see when signing up to take this class. Like I said before, I had a lot of fun doing this assignment. I can see myself using this tool again later to trick people. Hmm April Fool’s Day is coming up…. {muahahahaha <– evil laugh}

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