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Why Can’t We Be Friends?

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The show that my radio group was assigned to listen to was The Science of Group Projects by the Dot Commers.. If you have not listened to this radio show yet, do it! I did not listen to this show live because it was way past my bedtime. I would have liked to hear what the group said about it when they were being interviewed by CogDog but I just couldn’t do it with an 8am the next morning!

This radio show’s theme and content is just so funny and very real – which makes it so much funnier. Because of the group dynamics presented in this show, my song title choice is obvious: Why Can’t We Be Friends – Smash Mouth

At the beginning of the radio show, the group used the Law and Order theme song to introduce the show. The music made the introduction! The use of sounds and music were very appropriate. It helped the radio show flow more smoothly and was not distracting at all. Besides the beginning introduction sound, my favorite sound was when they used a “beep” when they used a curse word. The sounds were nicely blended into the show. You can tell when it is not blended nicely because it gets choppy. I guess I am a true DS106-er for life!

The sound volume was consistent. I had the show at one volume the whole time. The commercials and the actual show were about the same volume — I didn’t have to turn down my volume when there was a radio commercial or bumper. There was not much background noise which made it enjoyable because when there is, I can’t even focus.

The editing of the show was wonderfully done! My favorite edit was in the advil commercial. The group sped up the talking at the end that explained side effects and the “fine print” of taking the medicine. One thing I would suggest was when the group was narrating the show, they might have wanted to look into deepening the pitch of their voice or something that sets it apart from the voices used in the group. I knew it was the narrator but it would have helped to have some distinct feature to it. Maybe even soft music playing in the background or something?

I LOVED the overall story of the radio show. There is so much truth to it. I feel like almost anyone can relate to the group dynamics displayed in this radio show. It was funny but at the same time, it told a story. I actually felt like I was watching/listening to a show because it felt so real. My favorite part was the follow up narration at the end. I liked hearing what happened to all of the group members and how everyone turned out.

{I also liked the Taylor Swift reference :) Even CogDog liked it}

I give this radio show 4/5 stars! Good job Dot Commers!

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