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Only 44 Days Until Beach Season

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Okay, so “beach season” is defined a bit differently for a Jersey girl like myself. I am not just any Jersey girl, but I am a beach volleyball Jersey girl. I pick bathing suits based off of what ones won’t move when I dive for a volleyball and I go to the beach with a tent and a cooler full of gatorade and leave 13 hours later and go get Surf Taco to celebrate the results (because  winning isn’t an option, it’s a requirement). I like to think that the beach is where my palace is because it most certainly is where my heart is.  I fell in love at the beach, and had my heart broken at the beach. But the thing that makes me love the beach the most is that it led me to so many friends that actually make Jersey a home for me, even though I am in Virginia. I know that may not make sense if you don’t know me, but it’s true.

So 44 days until the start of the beach volleyball season is the countdown. Sadly, I can’t participate in the first two tournaments because it’s my sister’s wedding and then graduation. I debated not walking at graduation so that I could play a tournament. I know, I have a problem. The May tournaments is where the true players are, last year people played in the pouring rain and were literally wearing parkas. But it didn’t matter because we were on the beach again, we were reunited with our one true love. So while the Great American Volleyball (GAV) season starts in 44 days, my season starts in 58. Yes I have a countdown on my phone to get me even more excited.

So, when I came across the two star assignment to hide a message within a webpage, I decided to go onto GAV’s webpage. This is a very basic website where partners can sign up for tournaments in advanced so that it’s cheaper and it also tracks how many points people have throughout the beach season between the levels. So, naturally I am on it all of the time in the summer. But I still found myself stalking it in the winter even though nothing was changing. Call me crazy, but it’s just what I like to do.

With that being said, I wanted to see if you could start to register for tournaments, and you can’t because it still is too early. However, they did start to advertise the first tournament that is happening in 44 days. So I decided to change the blurb a little bit and send a message to people who are too excited about GAV like me. I did this using the X-ray goggles from the Hackasaurs tool. I really think that it’s fun to “hack” into the websites and change it around. The King will be so proud :)

Thanks for reading!

Princess Karissa


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