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Social Media Take Over

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While looking through various web assignments, I found myself somewhat uninspired. So I took a day off from the digital storytelling world (mainly because I had way too many other things going on) and decided to check back another time. Suddenly I realized that I missed this three star assignment which calls for creating a Facebook and Twitter account for a historical figure.

So I went back to where this all started, Walt Disney. If he was alive I’m sure that he would have a Facebook and a Twitter both promoting what he does for work. So, I decided to create both for him using classtools. I loved using this tool so much, I think it is a great thing to use in a classroom and it’s a great project, especially for history classes.

I was thinking about Walt Disney and decided to do his early career because if he started to get successful, he wouldn’t have enough time to really keep everything updated to his liking. I must say, I really enjoyed learning about Walt, so mic so that I believe we are on a first name basis. If he had a twitter, I know I would follow it for sure. I thought that this was a great tweet to have. Check out Walt’s twitter here.

In addition to that, the Facebook tool was very neat. I wished that on twitter I would be able to do more tweets rather than just posting one. However the Facebook tool really was fun to work with. The thing that made it a lot more legit was the ability to comment on things. It really could help tell the story of people’s reactions to different things. So, here was what I came up with. Enjoy!

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Princess Karissa

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