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To complete Storytelling within the web, I chose to intervene in the design of a post from Craigslist.  Before even searching on Craigslist, I chose to take the easier Hackasaurus approach instead of altering raw code.  I downloaded the X-Ray Goggles into my bookmark bar, which allowed me to change the text, format, and images of any web page.

I went searching on Craigslist for any headline that caught my eye that I could make a story about.  I stumbled across a listing of a fairy pin for sale.  I immediately knew what I could turn this posting in to. The original listing is for a winged fairy pin for $5, made of  crystal insets and silver metal.  I activated my X-Ray Goggles and started altering the page.

X-Ray Goggles

First, I made the pin listed by “Fairies R Us” and changed the price from $5 to “Priceless”.  I then spruced up the description by saying it was made of Diamonds, Platinum, and Swarovski crystals. Finally, I created the illusion that wearing this pin would allow you to fly and would protect you from air planes.  I added a twist by doing a spin-off of an alcohol commercial when they say, “Please fly responsibly.”  Also, you have to go to the sky to buy the pin according to the location.

My edited site can be found here.

I wanted to make this page in my own site, but I couldn’t get it to work.  The NotePad program wouldn’t let me save my code.  There were no error messages, but whenever I hit “save”, nothing happened, so I just published the site and obtained a URL (found above).

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