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Reading the Real Reddit

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For this week, we’re working on stories on the web. Basically, I’m manipulating a real website page to create a story.

I picked’s front page, since it’s a site I use almost daily. I soon realized what I had done.

This was a lot more work than I think we were intended to do. Renaming every link became a big task that took me over an hour.

This is the original page. Since links change so often, the links don’t match exactly, but I’ll solve that for you in a moment.


And this is the page I created: Let’s be honest, Reddit. By clicking on this link you’ll be able to see the real links and why I’m describing them in a certain way. So even tough the links don’t match between pictures, you can still see what I’m being a bit sarcastic about.

So what did I do?

I used X-Ray Goggles on the Reddit front page. I then went to each individual link and changed each title. I also changed the comments links and a few links at the top of the page and on the right to log in and post new links.

After I had finished changing things, I went to “Publish.” I copied the text into NotePad, like the directions on the assignment sheet said.

When I saved it, however, I couldn’t figure out how to change the extension from .txt to .html. After some searching on Google, I figured out that I needed to show the extensions of each file in order to edit them. After changing this setting in the folder, I was able to change the extension to .html. I then uploaded to this blog post and inserted it! And it looks great!

I didn’t realize it was so easy to do this. Now I’m questioning every screenshot I’ve ever seen… it’s all been X-rayed!!!

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