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Lost in Translation*

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To dabble in some web storytelling, I completed the web assignment Google Translate Fail, worth 1 star, from the ds106 assignment bank. I chose this assignment because as a French minor, I know how google translate can interpret another language into English.  First, I went to the website for the Le Monde newspaper, a famous paper in France, and then found the sports section.  I thought sports would be an interesting topic to translate. There was a cool article on The X Games (ou Les X Games) that I took the summary of and translated it in Google Translate.

“the Winter X Games Europe Tignes is open” actually translates to “the European Winter X Games opened Wed. in Tignes.” Then “Story in pictures” is more closely translated to “the images depict/show”. Finally, the last part is better meant as “which leaves those extreme skiing junkies very hungry.”

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