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Mr. Grumpy Gills

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So this week’s assignment that I put off for as long as possible was the ds106 blog comment narrative. I’m not sure why I was so hesitant to do this, maybe it’s because I already have a character through this blog that the energy behind making another one was too overwhelming.

So for today I am Carl Grumpypants. I’m old, bitter, rude, bitter, grumpy, cranky, bitter. You get the gist.

While writing on different comments I really tried to come across as someone who is unamused by all of the technology changes that happen. He doesn’t like the Internet and doesn’t appreciate everything that “kids these days” do on the Internet. I mean, not only do they use it all the time but now they are trying to change it??

The one thing he did appreciate was a cynical mockery of the UMW webpage done by Amber here.

He showed his angst towards the ling-o of kids these days while relating a a parrot here. And he even had a response! Which he ignored because he didn’t know how to use technology properly.

He showed off his bitterness about not having kids reading here.

And once again ignored a response here when hearing about creating a radio show.

Finally, I had Carl look at my blog in order to see what he had to say! Here I had him responding to Carly Sue and saying his opinion on Disney movies. Thank goodness Sass A Fras had the courage to tell him he was wrong!


Sincerely signed,

Princess Karissa/Carl G.

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