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Radio Show Review

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My radio show that was made with Micaela and myself was okay the sound quality could have been better it was a little static driven but that’s my computers fault not mine I don’t have a microphone. But I can accept fault. The volume is a little messed up when my bumper came in it was a little loud. I like the transitioning of person to person and the commercials and bumpers are okay haha I think everything has room for improvement. We used a bit of sound affects but not all the way it was a last minute thought so they are more off at the end of the radio show to realize that it is going to the future and to the past. We thought that added pizzazz. We used music for background and not the much else I think that since it was in the background it wasn’t that distracting and I think it keep something in there besides the silence. It sounds a little stitched together but I think that it was cohesive in how the plot was. I thinkit tells a really good story between 2 lovers wanting different things but love triumphs all. There is a sense of drama but also comedy
I think with all the voices it makes the reader want to listen even more if I had to rate the radio show I would give it a 4 out of 5 because I thought it was engaging and funny and had a great story line.

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