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This is my album cover that I made for the nonexistent band The…

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This is my album cover that I made for the nonexistent band The Golden Record, and their debut EP, “Several Thousand Things.” I followed the directions of Albums Without Sound to obtain the names and the photo.

I didn’t do anything to edit the photo in terms of contrast/saturation/etc. because it has already been edited and what I did didn’t really contribute to how the image looked. I have always liked contrasts between serif and sans-serif fonts, so I decided to do that for this cover. I aligned the band’s name with the angle that the projected image is on, and then scattered the album title along the man’s silhouette. I messed with the alignment a little because “several thousand things” to me just seems to go along with the idea of scattered objects. I toyed with the idea of scattering the letters in the words themselves, but it made it too hard to read and I think that the way it’s aligned now works out too.

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