1. hfaley

    Final Project: My People


    When I first approached this topic, my initial impression of “my people” was my ancestors. I pictured old black-and-white and sepia photos of unsmiling immigrants. Those are the people from which I descend and to which I feel very connected in many ways. But these aren’t people I can photograph …

  2. hfaley

    Weekly Summary


    My photos for the week are here. I went back and forth between Ann Arbor and my parents’ home this week, so I wasn’t able to use photoshop or even a computer for a lot of my time here, which made it challenging to come up with a good …

  3. hfaley

    “Take a photo that communicates a universal theme; name…


    “Take a photo that communicates a universal theme; name the picture with that theme.”

    This is a photo of property that my parents own in Manchester, and to me the barren landscape and silence that surrounds it just puts the word “oblivion” into my head – after the horizon, is …

  4. hfaley

    1. Take a photo with strong contrasts—technical (lighting,…


    1. Take a photo with strong contrasts—technical (lighting, coloring), physical (size, distance), conceptual (new and old, present and past).

    2. Take a portrait. Meet my father.

    3. Take a self-portrait (I cheated with this one and had my roommate use her nice camera last week).

    4. An extreme close-up of …

  5. hfaley

    Candid Camera


    This article interested me with its talk of candid photos, so yesterday I decided to see if I could capture a candid camera moment. It’s not easy! I took a lot of photos before capturing this one, which neither guy thought I was taking, since I used my phone. I …

  6. hfaley

    Learning about Sharpness and Noise


    For this week I looked into Cambridge in Colour’s tutorials on Sharpness and Noise in photography, aspects of photo editing that I’ve never really grasped fully. 

    The tutorial discussed how sharpness can emphasize texture in a photo, so I looked through some photos I’ve taken to see if I can …

  7. hfaley

    Reading Response: Jon


    I’m not good at analyzing literature, and I’m going to be honest: it’s hard for me to understand how this reading applies to what we’ve been doing. I’m more interested in seeing how we’re going to approach this in class and in what context we’ll be looking at it.…

  8. hfaley

    Gif-Making in Progress…


    Here’s my gif! This was the only video I have saved on my computer other than Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” so I decided to gif it. It’s a scene wherein Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) is telling Spike (that guy up there) to tell him what he was doing standing …

  9. hfaley

    Weekly Summary


    This week was my first foray into Photoshop and while I’m still trying to figure things out, I’m glad I know enough of the basics to begin to experiment. You can see the products of this experimenting here, in my visual creates for the week.

    We also read some …

  10. hfaley

    The Non-Designer’s Design Book: Repetition and Contrast


    I’ve always been a big fan of contrast in design, and enjoyed Williams’ tutorial on this. It reminded me of my days as a yearbook editor in high school, which, while traumatizing, gave me the chance to do a bit of experimenting with design elements like this. However, I think …

  11. hfaley

    Star Wars Minimalist Travel Posters


    I really enjoyed the minimalist Star Wars travel posters. I’ve seen similar minimalist artwork a lot and think that these are really well done. I think that the Bespin “Cloud City” and Endor posters are especially beautiful. I think the contrast that Williams discusses work well in these posters, …

  12. hfaley

    Weekly Summary


    The readings for this week were very, very hard to get through. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to apply them to this part of the class, but it was interesting to see how people (attempt to) write about images.

    This was my first foray into photoshop, although …

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