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Design create: Color splash. I took this photo of my friend Nick…

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Design create: Color splash.

I took this photo of my friend Nick serenading me today and decided to try the color splash trick on it when I was looking through pictures. I was really happy with my ability to figure out how to do this on photoshop! Brian’s instructions were really helpful and it actually went pretty quickly.

In general I like this photo a lot because of the perspective (I took it while sitting on a balcony overlooking the room) and the general composition of the room. Also, it was finally sunny today which also adds to the atmosphere. In black and white/desaturated, the color from the window is really washed out, and it was impossible (for me, at least) to get rid of that, which is the only thing I wish I could change about the photo. In all, though, I think it’s nice – I like that Nick and his colorful shoes and DDR mat are sticking out in the rest of the room.

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