Learning about Sharpness and Noise

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For this week I looked into Cambridge in Colour’s tutorials on Sharpness and Noise in photography, aspects of photo editing that I’ve never really grasped fully. 

The tutorial discussed how sharpness can emphasize texture in a photo, so I looked through some photos I’ve taken to see if I can find a really textured one to try changing the sharpness of. 


I picked this first picture because of the texture of the clouds. I wanted to see what it would look like if I messed with the sharpness and noise.

I looked into their guide to image sharpening to see what I could do with the clouds. I was most interested to learn about image noise, or film grain. I’ve always seen the image noise button on photo editing software but never understood how it affected the picture other than making it randomly blurry, so it was interesting to learn how it works in conjunction with other effects.

After messing around with the sharpness and noise of my cloud photo, I got a little more texture:

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