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A Week In Review 3/24-3/31

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cc Andrew Gainer

This week brought about a further concentration into the design portion of the class. Honestly this design section has given me the most difficulties out of every section. Dealing with Gimp and Photoshop has been very frustrating and for some reason I don’t seem to be getting better at it. Having said that, I do like creating the simpler projects like “troll quotes” and “alternate history”. I found these design creates to be easier than the photoshop design creates. My favorite creation of the week was the Trey Burke Color Splash. I was surprised at how easy  it was to make such a cool picture.  Hopefully I will become more accustomed to the software because I know having knowledge of Photoshop is very useful. 

3/26/13 “Albums Without Sound” Response: I pick out my favorite album cover from the project

3/30/13 Design Create: Color Splash: Trey Burke’s “The Shot” Color Splashed

3/30/13 Design Create: Minimalist Poster: Minimalist poster for the beach

3/30/13 Design Create: Movie Poster: A more accurate title for Swordfish

3/30/13 Design Create: Alternate History: Neo takes the blue pill

3/31/13 Minimalism Response:  My favorite minimalist poster

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