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    Post three photographs of your own creation with wildly different compositions and styles but with similar rhetorical purposes

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    A Week In Review 4/7-4/14

    CC Andrew Gainer This week provided another great round of photography. I really like the daily shoots and enjoy them a lot more than the other daily creates/design creates. The in class project is coming along nicely. I love watching gifs and making my own has proven to be just…
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    After exploring Cambridge in Colour I decided I wanted to try a panorama photo.  Digital photo stitching allows for the photographer to take a wider angle view than the lens would normally allow.  To do this I downloaded the Photosynth app by Microsoft. The app was very easy to use and …

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    A Week In Review 3/31-4/7

    CC Andrew Gainer Greetings from Atlanta. This week introduced the Photography section. I have always been interested in photography so I am excited to finish the semester with this section. I have been in Atlanta with a lack of internet access so that has been my biggest struggle this week.…
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    Image Sharpening


    A great way to emphasize texture is to sharpen your image. Sharpening an image is achieved by “exaggerating the brightness difference along edges within an image”.  I learned how to properly sharpen an image from Cambridge in Colour. The three settings you want to focus on are radius, amount, and threshold. …

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    “Jon” Response

    CC John Picton George Saunders’ short story Jon was very unique and I am still wondering why it was assigned. The story took place is some type of alternate universe, maybe the future? It was an intriguing story because it managed to confuse me yet capture my interest at the same…
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    Carlos Boozer GIF


    After seeing this video make the rounds I decided I should gif it. I pretty much followed the Gimp tutorial  word for word to create it. I did run into trouble on Gimp however, as it wouldn’t include all the frames I wanted. As a result I couldn’t include some epic crowd …

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    A Week In Review 3/24-3/31

    cc Andrew Gainer
    This week brought about a further concentration into the design portion of the class. Honestly this design section has given me the most difficulties out of every section. Dealing with Gimp and Photoshop has been very frustrating and for some reason I don’t seem to be getting…
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    Minimalism Response


    After searching around for a while I finally found my favorite example of minimalism on the web. This movie poster for Reservoir Dogs for some reason stands out to me above the rest. The crayons each represent the code names for the main characters ie: Mr. White, Mr. Pink, Mr. Brown …

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    Design Create: Alternate History


    I figured this scene from The Matrix would be perfect to use for an alternate history creation. The entire movie relies on this one fork in the road where Neo has to make a decision between the Red or Blue pill. If Neo were to choose the blue pill there would be …

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    Design Create: Movie Poster


    When trying to think of a movie that I can sum up in a few words, Swordfish was the first to come to mind. No disrespect to Swordfish, I enjoyed the movie but the only thing I can really remember about it is that you see Halle Berry naked. As …

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    Design Create: Minimalist Poster

    My minimalist poster for the beach is quite simple: sand + ocean + chair. When I go to the beach I go to relax and enjoy the view which I believe is represented through this poster. To start I opened a Gimp file and filled in using the color bucket the “Sand”…
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    Design Create: Color Splash


    One of the many great things to come out of last night’s epic sweet sixteen victory was this picture of Trey Burke rising high and delivering one of the most memorable moments in Michigan basketball history. I realized giving this picture a Color-Splash would produce an awesome effect. I started by opening …

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