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A Week In Review 3/31-4/7

Posted by
CC Andrew Gainer

Greetings from Atlanta. This week introduced the Photography section. I have always been interested in photography so I am excited to finish the semester with this section. I have been in Atlanta with a lack of internet access so that has been my biggest struggle this week. Luckily I have been able to find some computers to use to complete my assignments on time. The daily shoots have been fun to do and I already like them way more than the design creates. Like I said, I underestimated my ability to access internet so my “new technique” post is pending my being able to surf the web comfortably.[EDIT: Has been updated] 

4/1/2013: In Class: Donkey Kong Minimalism: In class assignment

4/2/2013 Carlos Boozer Gif: My first GIF ever

4/3/2013 “Jon” Response:  Response to the short story “Jon”

4/5/2013 Daily Shoot #1 “Pattern“: Took a picture of a repeating pattern

4/5/2013 Daily Shoot #2 “Black and White”: Basketball looks better in black and white

4/7/2013 Daily Shoot #3 “Sky”: Picture of the Sky at Six Flags

4/7/2013 Daily Shoot #4 “Rule of Thirds”: I apply the rule of thirds to Six Flags

4/7/2013 Image Sharpening: I learn the technique of image sharpening

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