A Week In Review 4/7-4/14

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CC Andrew Gainer

This week provided another great round of photography. I really like the daily shoots and enjoy them a lot more than the other daily creates/design creates. The in class project is coming along nicely. I love watching gifs and making my own has proven to be just as exciting. One thing I need to start working on is the photo essay. Honestly I don’t really know what this assignment is but I’ve seen it mentioned in the homework broadcasts multiple times. I will clear up what is expected from the photo essay on Monday so that I can get started on it. 

4/10/13 Panorama : Panorama of the B-School

4/14/13 Daily Shoot “Strong Contrast” : Coloring contrast

4/14/13 Daily Shoot “Portrait” : Portrait of Ronald

4/14/13 Daily Shoot “Self Portrait”: My self portrait

4/14/13 Daily Shoot “Close-Up” : Fire extinguisher close up

4/14/13 Daily Shoot “Shadow”: Picture of my shadow

4/14/13 Daily Shoot “Ugly/Beautiful” : picture speaks for itself

4/14/13 Daily Shoot “Sharing is Caring”: I take a picture of this theme

4/14/13 “Masters of Photography: Diane Arbus” Response: My response to the documentary

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