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Exploring Happiness

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To extend on the ideas I talked about in my three time review of this clip of Pursuit of Happiness

I looked up more information about this movie on Internet Movie Database. I was supposed to find three interesting facts about the making of this movie.

The facts I found most interesting were:

1. The homeless people in this film were really homeless. ¬†The homeless people who worked as extras received a full day’s pay at minimum wage ($8.62/hr) and free catered meals. For some of them it was the first money they’d made in a while. (imdb)

2. This movie is actually based on a true story. (imdb)

3.¬†Jaden Smith, who plays Chris Gardner’s son, is¬†Will Smith‘s real-life son. Christopher is Jaden’s middle name.¬†(imdb)

My next job was do decided what genre that this movie fell into.  I decided that this movie was defiantly a drama.  I felt that this was obvious because serious and there were realistic charters portrayed throughout.  The story was carried largely by character development and the characters interaction with other characters in the movie. This matches the description from filmsite almost exactly.

Next we had to pick two other clips from this movie and download them to our computer.  I picked this clip and this clip for my two clips.  I downloaded them to my computer using keepvid. I then opened these videos in MPEG Steamclip and cut them down to the exact size I wanted.   I then opened the two files together and uploaded them as a youtube video.  Here is what I came up with:

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