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    It’s been real DS106


    This is so weird to think this will be my final post for DS106.  Where has the time gone? And how is it already finals week?   Here we go with my last weekly wrap up ever!!!

    What is Digital Storytelling?

    One of our final assignments was to talk a look …

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    Dear future DS106 Students


    Now that DS106 of almost officially over (just two blog posts left!) I am given the task to help give advice to future DS106ers.  Naturally since this is DS106 we cannot just write and tell future students what we advice we have for them, we have to make some sort …

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    Final Project Wrap-up!


    So my final project is officially done!!  I had a lot of fun making stuff for my girl Taylor (or whatever name the witness protection program has given her).

    My story post can be found here!! I encourage you to read it! I am quite happy with how it …

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    Are you there world? It’s me, Taylor.


    Hey Ya’ll,

    Let me start off by saying I am totally not supposed to be writing this.  To say things got out of hand quickly would be an understatement.  I’m supposed to be laying low and staying out of the spotlight in every way possible but days like this make …

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    Taylor on Tour


    For my sixth assignment for my final I choose GIF Animate Your Day Like Ben.  This assignment is to capture key moments each as an animated GIF – as you go through a day look around and identify places, moments, things that are well represented in the infinite looping …

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    Oh, Chicago


    For my next assignment I did grettings from ds106.  This assignment is to tell us where you are, where you’re from, or simply where you’d rather be and build a greeting card.

    To make this greeting card I started off by finding my pictures.  I’m not going to tell …

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    Are you there world? It’s me, Taylor.


    Hey Ya’ll,

    Let me start off by saying I am totally not supposed to be writing this.  To say things got out of hand quickly would be an understatement.  I’m supposed to be laying low and staying out of the spotlight in every way possible but days like this make …

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    Fans React!


    For my fourth assignment for my final project I did storytelling within the web.  This assignment is to take a website and edit it completely so that it tells a totally different story than it once did.

    I’m going to warn you now IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED …

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    Welcome to Nashville!


    How on earth can it already be time for final projects? I’m having a hard time believing that the semester is almost over!!

    About a week ago we came up with ideas for our final projects.  You can find my original idea here.  Just to give you a heads …

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    What Even is Remix?


    (Some how this got posted after my weekly summary.  I had some issues getting my audio to upload to soundcloud.  Sorry for any confusion!)

    To start off this week we had to look at what remix even was (I promise I did this first, I just didn’t get around to …

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    Remix Wrap Up


    I CANNOT believe that we have officially finished our last form of media.  It blows my mind that it is already the end of the semester (and the end of my time in college).  Here is what happened during the last two weeks of Remix/Mashup

    What is Remix?

    to start …

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    Oh Stephanie Tanner


    For my second assignment that I created I made a remix assignment.  While going though the assignments for remix I found myself wishing that there were more.  I made a note to myself that I needed to create one for this category.  There were some ideas that were similar to …

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    My Assignments


    For the end of the semester we had to come up with two possible ideas for assignments for future ds106 students.  Here are the two that I came up with:

    1. A Changing Character (Remix)-

    When going though the remix assignments I found myself wishing that there were more options …

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    Never Grow Up


    One of our final ds106 assignments was to make up two of our own assignments.  For my first one I actually decided to use an assignment that I had already kind of made up previously.  Back in design week I started doing an assignment and kind of got carried away …

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    Remixing Assignments


    For one of our assignments this week we had to take remix a previous ds106 assignment.  To find an a a remix assignment we had to us this page.  I’m not going to lie it took me 7 or 8 times to find an assignment that I was happy with …

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    My Tutorials


    Part of our final wrap up for ds106 is doing two tutorials for ds106 assignments.  Here are my two that I did:

    1. A Place I’ve Never Been.  This is a design assignment worth two stars.

    I did this assignment a while ago (back in design week) and absolutely loved …

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    Selena is that you?


    For my second star assignment I choose Actor Transformation. This assignment was to pick an actor and put to together different clips from through out their career to show how much they have changed over the years.

    I immediately knew that I wanted to do a child actor.  They …

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    A couple of weeks ago we all had to submit old, unused media to this website.  At time we didn’t really know why we were doing it, we were just told it was going to come back up later.  Well it turns out that later is now and that …

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    Vacation of a Lifetime


    For this assignment our professor decided that he was tried and needed a vacation to celebrate the end of the semester (how is it already the end of the semester?).  For this assignment we had to use Mozilla Popcorn Maker.  This is a web based video editor that allows …

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    Final Project Idea!


    First off I cannot believe that we already at the point of the semester to be talking about final assignments.  Where did this semester go (and where did my four years of college go).  While it’s hard to believe it’s time to start planning for finals, we are at that …

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    Video Weekly Wrap Up


    While I had expected video week to be terrible (and I mean real terrible) I actually ended up enjoying a lot of the things that I did this week.  Not everything was my favorite, but overall I can say that video week was not at all my least favorite week …

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    Back to Foley


    The one assignment that we all had to do this week was recreating the Foley assignment that we made during audio week.  Then we each got assigned thirty seconds of the video to make up our own audio for and this week we had to take audio and add in …

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    5 Second Film


    For my LAST video assignment I did five second film which was worth four and a half stars.  This assignment was to “make a supershort, 5-second film; basically enough time for one gag, bit, or joke.”

    My family stopped by to visit this past weekend so I used my sisters …

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    Song Visualization


    For my next video assignment I did song visualization which is worth two stars. This assignment was to “pick a song (or a minute from a song) and create a video that displays pictures that tell a story with the lyrics.”

    For my song I picked Red by Taylor Swift.…

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