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Video Weekly Wrap Up

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While I had expected video week to be terrible (and I mean real terrible) I actually ended up enjoying a lot of the things that I did this week.  Not everything was my favorite, but overall I can say that video week was not at all my least favorite week that we’ve had so far.  So for a wrap up of what I did:

Foley Assignment

This was the assignment that I was looking forward to the least.  I didn’t have a great experience making the Foley sounds so I pretty much assumed that this would be twice as painful as the sound making itself.  Turns out it wasn’t as I had expected it to be but it was not my favorite thing I did this week.

You can see my Foley video along with all of my commentary here.

Video Assignments

This week we had to do SIXTEEN stars worth of video assignments.  I was quite worried and not too sure how this was going to end up going.  But like I hinted at in the beginning of this post, I was actually pretty happy with how easily everything happened.  I did have some serious computer issues of my own but luckily my friend was willing to let me use her computer (which was a mac instead of my pc) which made things much easier than I could have ever hoped (and I even got someone to lip synch with).

Here are my assignments that I did this week:

So all together I ended up doing seventeen and a half stars.

Overall, I had a lot of fun making videos (and am super envious of everyone who has iMovie all the time).  I felt like video is a great way to tell stories because you can see and hear things instead of just one or the other which I feel like we have done with a lot of the other mediums.  While it is hard to get the sounds and the pictures to line up and flow well, when you do it makes a much bigger impact.

Hope you all enjoy my videos.  See ya’ll next week.

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