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The one assignment that we all had to do this week was recreating the Foley assignment that we made during audio week.  Then we each got assigned thirty seconds of the video to make up our own audio for and this week we had to take audio and add in back in with the video to make a bit of a different story.

Here is the original video just to jog your memory:

For my audio clips I choose to use Karissa’s, for part two I used Brooke’s, for part three I used mine, for part four I used Kristen’s, and for part five I used Cole’s, and for part six I used Kaitlyn’s.  After picking my audio clips I went ahead and downloaded them to my computer. I then ripped the youtube video from above from keepvid.

I then imported the video into iMovie.  I then muted the volume volume of the original video.   I then imported each of the thirty second sound clips that I had originally downloaded.  I then added them in on at a time making sure to line them up side by side.  The first five fit perfectly without issue.  The sixth one was a little bit funny though.  I had to push it back a few seconds to make it fit correctly so there is a small amount of dead space before the final clip.

I then added in a title sequence for my clip.  I decided to add my title in on top of the picture to have it flow well.  I then added credits.  I credited both myself for making it and everyone whose parts I used.  I then went back and added the sound back into the parts without sound.  I had considered using my own music but I had a hard time finding something that fit well.

Overall this wasn’t too hard of process.  I think I had dreaded it a bit more than I needed too.

Here is my Foley video.  Hope you enjoy!

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